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"I'd give my highest recommendation to Dr. Hershko. We had gone to the office for a frenectomy.  Dr. Hershko was very diligent in following up--not only the next day but several days after and really went above and beyond to make sure he was doing well post-op.  I've not had a healthcare worker that was so invested in ensuring my son's well-being.  As a first time parent, I admittedly had a lot of questions and a lot of reservations over the procedure -- I texted Dr. Hershko's work cell phone at 4am and she immediately answered all questions even when the questions were difficult and required her to dig deeper into the most recent literature. She's super knowledgeable, empathetic and goes the mile to ensure the success of her work."


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11810 W. Market Pl. Ste 202

Fulton, MD. 20759


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